Extraction of jathropa curcas seed fats and oil and identification essay

Jatropha curcas is a well-known plant for the high fat and protein content of its seed ranging between 45% and 55% w/w and 20–30% w/w of the kernels, respectively (gubitz et al 1999 lestari et al 2010) this oil is economically attractive due to its potential application in biodiesel (lin et al. Seeds of physic nut (jatropha curcas) and nutmeg (myristica fragrans) were purchased from mile 12 market in lagos state, nigeria their identities were authenticated by an authority at the department of botany, university of lagos, akoka, lagos state. Non-edible oil obtained from the seeds of jatropha curcas is the potential source of biodiesel therefore it is necessary to find out the varieties of jatropha which contain maximum oil percentage tissue culture offers a reliable method to produce quality plants in large scale. Extraction, characterization and fatty acids profiles of nymphaea lotus and nymphaea pubescens seed oils ibrahim s i, muhammad y y, abdulkadir i a extraction, characterization and fatty acids profiles of nymphaea lotus and nymphaea pubescens seed oils siti kk, mana i and jumat s characteristics and composition of jatropha curcas.

Thevetia peruviana and jatropha curcas oils were cold extracted from their seeds using petroleum ether as extracting solvent characterization of the extracted vegetable oils showed that oil yield. It was divided into two major parts: (1) extraction of jathropa curcas seed fats and oil, and (2) identification and characterization of unknown oil after the fats and oil was extracted from seeds of jathropa curcas, the percent yield was reported as 40-41. Jatropha curcas l (euphorbiaceae) is an oil-bearing shrub bearing 40-60 % oil 3 in the kernel with a fatty acid composition 4 similar to that of oils used for human nutrition. Inedible oils, animal fats, waste food oil, and by products of vegetable oil refining 7 fortunately, inedible vegetable oils, a typical nigerian jatropha curcas oil seeds specifically from oil extraction: the whitish seeds were ground prior to oil.

Methods: oil was extracted from the seeds using soxhlet and cold-solvent extraction methods hexane-only (h-only) was used in the soxhlet while hexane/ether (h/e) mixture and h-only were respectively used in the cold extraction. Seed mycoflorae adversely affect the quality of the seeds during storage resulting in low seedling vigour and oil yield the present study aimed to identify fungi associated with seeds of jatropha curcas in storage. Diminishing fossil fuel resources, unstable/increasing prices of oil, environmental issues, global warming/climatic shifts, and allied problems have led the world to focus on alternate, environmental friendly, and renewable energy sources among many experimental candidates, production of biodiesel from jatropha curcas l has gained significant importance. Production of biodiesel from jatropha curcas seed oil using base catalysed transesterification fahad ahmed1, (edible and nonedible oil) and animal fats ([23], [24]) the production of this biodiesel can be achieved through the use of a non-edible oil known as in preparation for oil extraction from the jatropha seeds, they(the seeds.

Extraction of seed-oil: the kernels were ground in a grinder to a fine powder and transferred to the thimble of the soxhlet extraction apparatus enough hexane was added to wet the powder completely and. Put simply, the high oil content makes it difficult to adequately flake the oilseed and cook it for solvent extraction without oil coming free of the seed and fouling equipment furthermore, the 40% oil content would require much more than the optimum energy for removal of solvent from miscella in extraction. Diversity between jatropha curcas l accessions based on oil traits and x-ray digital images analysis from it seeds crop breeding and applied biotechnology - 18: 292-300, 2018 293 the selection is made basically based on the grains yield aspects related to the genetic potential for traits related to.

The results indicated that the jatropha curcas l seed oil has potential in the production of cosmetics, perfumery and pharmaceuticals citation: warra aa and abubakar a (2015. Defatted jatropha curcas flour and protein isolate as materials for protein hydrolysates with biological activity jatropha seed oil has gained tremendous interest as a feedstock for biodiesel industries large-scale jatropha oil extraction from the milled seeds was done with hexane in a soxhlet system for 8 h (aoac, 1997, method 92039. One type of extraction is an organic dissolver extraction in which an organic dissolver with a high affinity for the coveted compound is used to pull out the compound this is the type of extraction we performed in our experiment. Jatropha curcas linnaeus, a multipurpose plant, contains high amount of oil in its seeds which can be converted to biodiesel j curcas is probably the most highly promoted oilseed crop at present. Identification of alkaloid from jatropha curcas and the various pharmaceutical importance of the plant in connection with the recent hype urged as to pursue this study in this study, we report the bioassay.

Extraction of jathropa curcas seed fats and oil and identification essay

The chemical analysis of seed oil such as oil content, free fatty acid value, peroxide value, iodin value, saponification value and the physical properties of jatropha curcas seeds such as moisture content, seed length, seed width and seed thickness measurement was carried out by vernier caliper. While the residue after oil extraction (fully defatted analysis of raw jatropha curcas the moisture, protein, fat, ash, fiber and nitrogen free extract were analysed by the methods of jatropha curcas seeds are shown in tables 1 the moisture contents is lower than 10% moisture. The purpose of this study is to investigate the feasibility and positive effects of ultrasonication toward jatropha curcas seed reactive extraction process ultrasonic-assisted oil extraction from jatropha seed were compared with conventional stirring method of a shaker bath at varied conditions such as seed sizes (10 – 40 mm), temperature (30 – 60°c) and time (1 – 60 min. Ca, cr, mn, fe, co, ni, cu, zn, cd, ba, and pb) in jatropha (jatropha curcas l) seeds oil and biodiesel for mass spectrometry with inductively coupled argon plasma (icp-ms) samples of seeds oil and biodiesel from jatropha or not.

  • Jatropha seeds have potential to fit these roles in view of their multipurpose uses, broad climatic adaptability features, and high oil and protein contents during the past five years many large-scale cultivation projects have been undertaken to produce jatropha seed oil as a feedstock for the biodiesel industry.
  • One ton of jatropha curcas seeds yields 300kg oil products and 700 kg oil cake before jatropha oil is mixed with diesel, it has transesterified this results in production of glycerine, and disposal of this glycerine is a problem.
  • Science investigatory project: termiticidal effect of azadirachta indica (neem) and jatropha curcas (tuba-tuba) leaf extract against macrotermes gilvus azadirachta indica and jatropha curcas leaf extract can be used as an alternative termiticide recent literature suggests that jatropha oil, seed or leaf extracts have a range of.

A plant collection and identification jatropha curcas l seeds were obtained during the month of november, 2014 from the b preparation and extraction of plant material ripe seeds were collected and damaged ones were discarded the seeds were thoroughly jatropha curcas l seed oil with regards to. The objective of this review is to give an update on the j curcas l plant, the production of biodiesel from the seed oil and research attempts to improve the technology of converting vegetable oil to biodiesel and the fuel properties of the jatropha. Extraction of jathropa curcas seed fats and oil and identification and characterization of unknown oil jose g intano, jr and niescee eiscene talaman university of the philippines visayas miagao, iloilo [email protected], [email protected] abstract the experiment had the objectives of extracting fats and oil from plant sample using.

Extraction of jathropa curcas seed fats and oil and identification essay
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